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 02.11.11 - The Clarion Returns

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02.11.11 - The Clarion Returns Empty
PostSubject: 02.11.11 - The Clarion Returns   02.11.11 - The Clarion Returns I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 02, 2011 7:44 pm

02.11.11 - The Clarion Returns 6304999815_73aa9bc453

Greetings from the new streamlined Clarion, better conceived to deliver regular and useful information to the masses.

+++++The State of the Nation+++++

  • World 6 surprises us and Broholm and Lokta Voltera join mighty Melsonia in its rise to dominance.
  • After much alt scouting the main village is made, along with two nodes. One soil, one clay, both high quality, both walled and claimed.
  • The clay is hotly contested by Japanese settlers, our own claim hemmed in by claims and griefed through sealing the palisade in with hearth fires and digging the clay to non-existence. The settlers are convinced to move on to a slightly less impressive clay spot to avoid an endless fight with our dedicated citizens.
  • The soil is similarly attacked by a small group of Russians. The battle goes well, with many more victories for Melsonia's brave militia than to Ivan however at the last Melsonia is betrayed by an ungrateful Broholmer, sore from a petty argument, and the Rus compromise our fort conclusively. The battle continues, and Melsonia's sons and daughters scorch the earth as they withdraw. They may have it, but they shan't keep it long!
  • The main village is secured and the scattered villagers from the soil fort congregate on her. The rebuilding of Melsonia continues.

+++++ CPC Imperatives+++++

  1. Build the brick wall once the first post goes up. This is the most important thing and should dominate our every waking moment until it is done.
  2. Secure adequate food for the miners. They can't rely on an alt army like the rest of us.
  3. Learn the laws if you are not familiar with them. They will be coming back into effect soon, as will the Unions. Learn them, love them, help us break them.
  4. Chop down trees until Melsonia is a verdant, bear-proof grassland. Do not waste stumps, put them in palisade or house sign posts that will be provided
  5. Forage curiosities for your less able comrades. Do not pick and choose, provide for the collective.

+++++Letters from Glorious Leader+++++

This week has been difficult for all of us, we've all worked hard and struggled against the challenges of a new world and have ultimately come out on top. The resources you have helped secure have in turn secured a promising future for us all.

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02.11.11 - The Clarion Returns
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