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 06.11.11- In which a wall is built

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06.11.11- In which a wall is built Empty
PostSubject: 06.11.11- In which a wall is built   06.11.11- In which a wall is built I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 06, 2011 1:54 pm

06.11.11- In which a wall is built 6317130670_4c59403ac8_z

+++++The State of the Nation+++++
  • Our clay spot wall is placed and under construction by the noble and selfless Spanish division of the People's Revolution: Fobia, Sozy and their alt army.
  • The brick wall set to surround the beating heart of Melsonia is floundering as the barbaric bourgeois probe our defences. Only two days ago did they place a ram against our western wall, undoubtedly jealous of our grand stature. Fortunately our very own Alexander hatched a plan to bravely lead a boar to batter down a ram before it could do us harm.
  • Construction continues at full speed, the farm and silkeries are placed and built as much as possible. Next the kitchen and brick wall foundations are to be placed. I salute all those (alts) who are about to die.
  • Flags! Flags have started cropping up all over Melsonia! Rumour has it that we will be teleporting around that hateful door within the week.
  • The farms have flourished under the care of Othir and Sodzius, every day we see a vegetable patch triple in size. Sources claim the food problems will soon abate, possibly to the point of starting cheese production and the required cowsplosion.

+++++ CPC Imperatives+++++
  1. Find clay nodes and mark them on a map. Take a screen shot of your minimap and mark it in relation to Melsonia then paste it to the forum.
  2. Dig the clay nodes dry, burn them into bricks and place them in the posts lined up along the southern road. DO NOT BUILD THEM IN.
  3. Forage while you search for clay. We still need curios and food.
  4. Taming sheep and pigs is on the list of things to do. If you find animals inside the walls and think you can tame them, please do.

+++++Letters from Glorious Leader+++++

Remember, ask not what Melsonia can do for you, ask how likely you are to outrun the boar next time a ram is spotted at our brickless walls.

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06.11.11- In which a wall is built
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