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 03.12.11 - In which the People speak

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03.12.11 - In which the People speak Empty
PostSubject: 03.12.11 - In which the People speak   03.12.11 - In which the People speak I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 04, 2011 8:08 am

03.12.11 - In which the People speak 6448362143_3c3b256865_z

+++++The State of the Nation+++++
  • The wall is finished, the mine is sealed and we are markedly safer than we have ever been this world. Melsonia lets loose a collective sigh of relief as we are once more at leaisure to pursue more civilised activities.
  • The mine, emergency-sealed because of potential invasions, can now be accessed again from our crossroad system.
  • The elections are over! Congratulations to fobia, Daniel277, Liam and William (and me) for being chosen by the people in the first election of the CPC. We can now with confidence remove the banana from in front of our republic.
  • The Threat is returned. A flaw has been found in Melsonia's defences in the form of our very first wall. A pally-basher can currently walk up to the palisade, smash a hole and use the ravaged tips of the wall to create a little fort for a ram against our great brick wall. Measures are being taken to rectify this problem.

+++++CPC Imperatives +++++

  1. Patrol the wall. Now more than ever the wall needs to have someone patrol it every 8 hours. Everyone must be taking 5 minutes out of their play-time to do this.
  2. Gather clay. The most conclusive way to render rams useless is to build the inner wall. If you are lacking conviction then bare in mind that if we get bashed and a sealed in ram, we're dead
  3. Get settled in. Take a moment to appreciate the comparative safety of the brick wall and settle in to a job or five.

+++++Letters From Glorious Leader+++++

Out of one threat into another. This latest problem isn't anywhere near as dire as the first, it would still take a competent group to even scratch a brick wall. However remember just that: Whoever comes knocking next will know what they're doing. If we are not ready for them then we only have ourselves to blame.

+++++Heroes and Patriots+++++

Naki, for finding the flaw in our defences that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. You may well have saved Melsonia.

Everyone who so much as brought home a single ball of clay. You are all patriots of the highest order and will be remembered for it, when the silk rolls off the loom and the armour pours out of the mine, people remember who saved them.

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03.12.11 - In which the People speak
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