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 17.12.12 - 90% patriotism, 10% meat

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17.12.12 - 90% patriotism, 10% meat Empty
PostSubject: 17.12.12 - 90% patriotism, 10% meat   17.12.12 - 90% patriotism, 10% meat I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 18, 2011 6:02 am

17.12.12 - 90% patriotism, 10% meat FgnMZl

+++++The State of the Nation+++++
  • The first silk robes roll off the looms. Soon we shall all be wearing the regal pink.
  • The farms gain momentum as the seed qualities skyrocket and the early cheese starts to appear.
  • Smooblymoobs takes up position as Union Head of the Foodiers & Livestock Handlers. Treat your piggies well or face his wrath.
  • Navi returns to us after many months of that pesky Real Life. Hello Navi.

+++++CPC Imperatives +++++
  1. Hunt for leather and meat! For the first time in Melsonian history we are short of that particular breed of work-shy slacker that claim hunting is a job. So it falls upon your load bearing shoulders to carry this burden of Fun.
  2. Forage. People are still finding their place in our mighty nation, making cheese, mining, farming. Yet it seems the second most relaxing job is also lacking any adherents.

+++++Letters From Glorious Leader+++++

We are in the odd and arguably envious situation of lacking workers in the easiest jobs in the game. While nice that we are setting up a potentially vast cheese and farm system we won't be getting very far without leather or curiosities, so please consider taking up one of these jobs, if only as a part-time distraction from your noble toil.

+++++Heroes and Patriots+++++

William, for cobbling together a suitably glorious super-secret client for Melsonia. Never again will Russians be met with surprise, only a numbing inevitability.
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17.12.12 - 90% patriotism, 10% meat
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