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 15.01.12 - Waffles and Poop

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15.01.12 - Waffles and Poop Empty
PostSubject: 15.01.12 - Waffles and Poop   15.01.12 - Waffles and Poop I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 15, 2012 3:13 pm

15.01.12 - Waffles and Poop SlRZG

+++++The State of the Nation+++++
  • Mr & Mrs Waffles and Hikahi return to the fold after an extended absence. Retro.
  • Due to Melsonia's crack diplomats the local vicinity is safe(er) for our brave(ish) foragers to once more stumble out into the wilderness blindly stuffing mushrooms into their pockets.
  • Friends are now rumoured to be a controlled substance, issued only by the state for better communal living. More updates as this develops.
  • The Central Planning Committee is once again up for grabs. The nation's Chairmen encourage all fit candidates to step forward and run against them to better illustrate the evident universal acclaim the current committee enjoys.

+++++CPC Imperatives +++++
  1. Hunt and forage. Our stocks in almost every other area are fit to bursting, yet our meat, leather and foragables are at a constant low.
  2. All of this!

+++++Letters From Glorious Leader+++++

Villages get peaks and troughs, people come and go, stuff changes. Every time this happens you will find people declaring The End, comrade turning on comrade, squabbling over the most petty of things and a general air of hostility leading to an spiral of pure undiluted Fail. All of this is a natural reaction to a down turn in your perceived situation, a result of many tiny knocks to ones ego. But nature is for animals, we are Melsonians. Melsonians know that they are the ones with the power to change things and drag themselves back to that peak, never content to languish in their own filth at the bottom of an un-manly trough. Wipe yourself off, comrade, we have work to do.

+++++Heroes and Patriots+++++

Svenja, for kindly making today's picture.

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15.01.12 - Waffles and Poop
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