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 04.03.12 - For Great Victory

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04.03.12 - For Great Victory Empty
PostSubject: 04.03.12 - For Great Victory   04.03.12 - For Great Victory I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 05, 2012 3:38 am

04.03.12 - For Great Victory XVrwUl

+++++The State of the Nation+++++

  • Melsonia is now working at a surplus is almost all areas. Do not get lazy lest we fall to the levels of the riff-raff pawing at our walls.
  • Farming of vegetables has dropped off to the point of it being a novelty to see one, now almost entirely replaced by cheese. Rejoice as our girth continues to expand.
  • We currently have a grand total of 0 enemies, having either gained the respect of or out-lived anyone that poses a risk to us. Congratulations on your de facto victory, People of Melsonia.

+++++CPC Imperatives +++++

Food supplies need to be balanced. Cheese is a fickle food and is slow to replace, any fluctuations in consumption will see you eating dirt for a week. Consider starting a vegetable garden or taking up a small amount of cooking to help support this.

Also, bricks.

+++++Letters From Glorious Leader+++++

Glorious Melsonia moves from strength to strength in this unprecedented time of peace, made possible by Her mighty diplomats. Thanks to their unbearable sincerity and unrelenting grasp of Facts, Ivan and his pets now understand what we have always known: Melsonia is both Grand and Indispensable in hearth-life and that the Peoples' Revolution must continue its implacable advance to Great Victory.

+++++Heroes and Patriots+++++

Geoff, for being more machine than man, for single handedly running wood production, for picking up the slack on innumerable other jobs, for being the vanguard of the Robot Revolution and for giving us the wisdom of Yoda. A true patriot.
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04.03.12 - For Great Victory
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