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 13.04.12 - A Red Summer

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13.04.12 - A Red Summer Empty
PostSubject: 13.04.12 - A Red Summer   13.04.12 - A Red Summer I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 11:11 am

13.04.12 - A Red Summer 0ulDrl

+++++The State of the Nation+++++

  • Melsonia, enjoying the summer of its existence, is now a sprawling capital of a quiet territory where its people's only problem is how to best fill their idle days.
  • Trade has rocked the very foundations of our Great Nation, where once you would be disembowled on the public square for so much as talking to the bourgois pigs, we are now permitted to exchange our exquisite goods and services with them. Trade sensibly, trade aggressively, trade to make the People stronger and not fatten your belly.
  • The mines have gone quiet. Where once there was a echo of hammers and picks there is now only dust and good memories. Where did all the miners go? Is Melsonia's "Curse of the Disappearing Miners" going to continue forever? Will we ever see those stoic tin soldiers again? Only time will tell.
  • The People's Prefectures are running smoothly. Now Melsonia can safely allow outsiders to sample our Socialist Delights without risking our privileged way of life. Why not drop by and feed them some bread? I hear they like that.

+++++CPC Imperatives +++++

The mines are quiet, the cupboards are empty, and the ploughs glow red. If you have ever considered becoming a miner, now is the time to do it.

+++++Letters From Glorious Leader+++++

The reins of Melsonia will continue to be handed, inch by reluctant inch, to the people in the hopes of you taking us to new heights and unexpected places. This new freedom comes with the price of increased self-direction and self-motivation, something that is progressively harder as goals become more and more arbitrary in this late stage, where people no longer have a definitive "do X or you all die" scenario. This will be our final hurdle on the road to Glorious Global Revolution.

+++++Heroes and Patriots+++++

Hika, for picking up the pick and doing the unthinkable: mining. She will be an example to us all (pray The Curse misses her).

(Special mention to Gunther for reminding me I hadn't done one of these in a while.)
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13.04.12 - A Red Summer
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